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Starting July 23, 2013, and in the next few months, the housing Inspection Department is in the process of  converting from paper to electronic inspections for all re-sales and rental inspections. This move to electronic  inspections will save time for both the inspector and those who are having their property inspected and save on  the use of paper. The inspections will be completed electronically and results will be sent via e-mail directly to the homeowner/real estate agent/landlord, whichever applies.  As with electronic devices, there will be a experimental period and there may be some glitches that may have to be worked out. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

John Di Stefano
Construction Official
Director of Community Development

 The inspections for C.O.'s in this department insure that buyers and tenants moving into properties have a safe environment.  All items inspected have an effect on life safety, health, and welfare of occupants or users of buildings.

Property records are also checked for work done with no permits and permitted work that was never inspected.  

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1. Visible house numbers must be on home.
2. Smoke alarms/detectors are required in all dwellings adjacent to the sleeping areas and on each floor.
3. A carbon monoxide detector is also required adjacent to sleeping areas.
4. Graspable handrails (30" to 38" in height measured from nose of floor or stair tread) are required when there are 3 or more risers on stairs.
5. Guardrails are required at every open portion of stair, landing, porch and balcony, which is more than 30" above grade or floor.  All guards shall have no opening greater than 4".  Guards shall not be less than 36" measured from floor or nose of stair tread.
6. Bath venting must be vented to exterior or room must have window.
7. Heating system must be working, properly vented, combustion air provided and area properly sealed and fire stopped with drywall or fire stop material.
8. Chimney connection in good condition (visual only).
9. Water heater shall have a relief valve with discharge to floor and be in a properly vented area, unless direct vented.
10. Water and drain lines shall not be leaking and shall be properly supported.
11. Electrical fixtures (service wire, outlets, switches, junction boxes and wiring) shall be in safe working order.
12. Garage shall be properly sealed and separated from living space per UCC FTO #13.
13. Garage door openers must operate properly without extension cords.
14. Windows must operate properly.
15. Hazards such as decks, pool fencing, retaining walls, sheds and sidewalks will be checked.

For inspections call 856-589-0520 ext. 245 



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Ordinance Number 9-2005

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